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You must be tired: go ahead, lie down. Are you comfortable? Thank you, we are happy you like the bed.

Don't worry, this didn't take any time at all, all we had to do was... unfold it. Yes, really. Up until five minutes ago this bed occupied about 2 square feet of space in the guest room between the closet and the window.

Like the mattress? We picked the Airflow but the same bed also comes with a memory foam or a spring mattress if you'd like to get one yourself. No, it wasn't expensive at all - and it's made in England, do they know how to sleep or what?! So tell us the latest news - how's uncle Jack? The boys? Do you have pictures from your trip to Italy? ....Aunt Suzie...? ...Aunt Su... Oh... i guess you are tired. Alright, i'll come back later.



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